A quick look at the HTC 8S

After having a lot of trouble with my Blackberry 9790 due to technical (read: Apparently I bought a grey market phone, which imei number was blacklisted) problems I switched to the HTC S8.

At the local Starbucks I had some room to setup this little companion and to be honest it went quite smooth:
-Insert microSIM
-Turn the phone on
-Wait for a while (Microsoft!, why no statusbar 🙁 please read your design 101s for Appdesign)
-Type in your Live/Microsoft account
-Wait again (Again no statusbar, please do note that I can be very impatient on some moments)

E-mail, contacts, LinkedIn and Twitter were all on my phone, and it scared me SH*TLESS. I totally forgot that I connected my social accounts when I was using a trial version of Windows 8. To be honest the 1 account-to-rule-them-all is pretty easy to have, but for all the security- and privacy-minded type of people be aware of ANY account (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc) you are going to ADD on your phone and if you want them to be automaticaly connected to your Live/Microsoft account)

After a half day of use the following things caught my eye:
+ My “Tour” Beats by Dre earbuds work! at least the play/pause button, have seen a lot of phones which doesn’t accept the input of the remote at all.
+ There is nothing easier then the live tile setup, I just love the overal view
+ You can connect multiple Microsoft accounts (I have set it up with a Hotmail and Office 365 account)

– 1.4 GB of FREE space left on a brand new phone! (to be honest it is a budget phone, but 1.4 GB free out of 4 GB seems a little bit out of order)
– No week scope/view in the calendar!
– The colorschemes at which the phones are available are provider specific (was looking for the Grey-Yellow, couldn’t find it anywhere 🙁 )

I am using this phone as my main phone at the moment, and will give you my thoughts about this phone in about a week.

Photo: My HTC 8S next to my “old” Blackberry Bold 9790

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