How to stream videos to non-certified DLNA devices using Windows 8.1

With Windows 8.1 on the loose, you are able to stream videos directly to your DLNA clients which looks quite similar to Apple’s Airplay feature. For the purpose of this article I am using with a Jailbroken ATV2 which is running XBMC: Frodo for this article but feel free to try any other DLNA capable client.

If your DLNA client is Windows certifiied you can share straight away, if not you can perform the following registry key changes (on your own risk of course).

I have added the registry key as a download, but feel free to dive into your registry and the key yourself

  1. Start regedit on your device
  3. Create a new key called “PlayTo” (without quotes)
  4. Right click on the PlayTo key and create a new DWORD value and name that “ShowNonCertifiedDevices” and give it a value of 1 
  5. Reboot your machine

If you want to allow this per user basis you can do this by navigating to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ at step 2.

After performing the above you should be able to stream videos from most websites to your device, bare in mind that some videos do not allow streaming to external devices.

You can stream the videos now by going to the IE App and navigate to your favourite video site. Open the charms bar -> Click on Devices -> Play


If It doesn’t show, please ensure the firewall has trusted devices on your network.

Happy streaming!