Grab pictures from Facebook with your name tagged in them – FacebookGrabber




With everyone uploading pictures during nights out and other fun occasions. It can be a hassle to find them and download them one by one. Facebook grabber can help you out by downloading all the pictures which have your name tagged in them. It’s available for Mac and Windows users.




Instructions for using FacebookGrabber

  1. Start the program and press “Login”
  2. You need to identify yourself and generate a token. Follow the instructions to generate a token and insert it into FacebookGrabber. Press “I want to download”.
  3. Check the boxes to specify a filter for the pictures which you would like to “grab” and press “Begin Download”
  4. Choose a location where you would like to save the pictures.
  5. Wait
  6. Press “Thats it!” – Done burger

Download FacebookGrabber from Googlecode



Use Shrink Storage to clear some space on your Windows Phone 8 device


If you have a Windows phone which is eating up your storage space as Cookie Monster devours cookies, you should try out “Shrink Storage”

It is a simple app which is based on filling up/maxing out your “Other” designated memory and than releasing it. The amount of space cleared does depends on your configuration.

Instructions for use:

  1. Install Storage Shrink from the Windows Phone store
  2. Start Shrink Storage and press “Fill Phone Storage”. This might take several minutes.
  3. Reboot your phone
  4. Start Shrink Storage again
  5. Press “Clean Phone Storage”




Storage Shrink @ Windows Store

London series : Part 2. 1st Contact London

1st Contact Kickstart package

On January the 30th, 9:28PM I arrived in London, UK. I had my suitcase and warm bed to sleep in, some awesome flatmates, an Oyster card for public transport and some Euro notes in my pocket.

I wanted to work in London so I compiled a list of things I would need to handle this:

  • National Insurance Number (Nino)
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Bankaccount
  • Proper UK CV
  • The right mindset

Next to the CV and the mindset I didn’t had much. I couldn’t get the NHS number without the Nino so I booked the appointments with Jobcentre Plus for the Nino and went to a local GP to get my person registered for NHS.

Getting the bank account seemed to be a bit more difficult. The issue here is that you can’t get a bank account if you don’t have a proof of address and if you just arrived in a country you don’t have any “recent” utility bills with your name and new address on it. I wasn’t planning to wait for several months to fix this so I do what I do best, browse on the wide webs.


1st Contact

After some browsing on the internet I found a service provider called “1st Contact”. This provider helps expats with common problems when they first enter the country. I bought the “Kickstart” package which fits my needs and the next day I got a message that my personalized package was ready to be collected at their office!
When I arrived at the office the whole procedure didn’t take more then a hour, maybe 2 if you include traveling with the tube. One of the staff members explained the contents of the package to me and the reason why I went for the 1st Contact was that they are able to help you out with the bank account. By providing you with a document which replaces the proof of address and allows you to open an account.
When the documents were sorted we booked an appointment with a bank of my choice for the next day, sweet!

A small summary what the kickstart package provides you with for £35 :


  • UK Bank account Quick and easy best of all no need for proof of address in the UK. You have a choice of three different banks, HSBC, Barclays or Lloyds TSB.
  • UK National Insurance Number Assistance Avoid paying emergency Tax by registering for your NI Number. As part of the Kickstart package we offer you a help guide that explains how to apply yourself.
  • A UK SIM card Available in both Standard SIM and Micro SIM sizes for iPhone 4 and iPad users. (Your new UK Phone number is also provided before you leave home, which is great for your CV and Family and Friends).
  • FREE Pre registration to 1st Contact Umbrella If you are working in a temporary contract position use 1st Contact Umbrella Payroll and claim back a part of your relocation costs including your flights.*
  • FREE International money transfer Send your money to your new UK bank account for FREE.
  • CV and Job Assistance 1st Contact offer the correct UK CV format and send your CV to our Job Assistance team for FREE.
  • FREE 5 days gym membership PLUS discounted gym contract.
  • UK informative Guide This includes everything you need to know about London from the transport system, the UK tax system, the healthcare system, UK sporting events, driving, entertainment, finding work, travelling abroad and lots more.
  • FREE Accommodation Assistance We teamed up with a network of accommodation providers to suit your budget, from private studio apartments to hostels.
  • FREE Travel Insurance quote Talk to us about your needs and we’ll provide a quote that suits your travel plans.*
  • PLUS Discounts on 1st Contact Services and affiliated partners including tax refunds, shipping, accommodation and tour operators.
  • Optional Additional Extras EURO Travel Money Card, A-Z London Guide, TNT Little Black Book and Mobile Broadband Dongle

Note: no minimum deposit is required to open a bank account through this package.
*upon submitting your NI paper application form to 1st Contact OR attending your Evidence of Identity Interview (EOI) with the JobCentre Plus.
*to claim back your relocation costs 1st Contact Umbrella must be your first employer in the UK.

*travel insurance available for Australians travelling to the UK

Click here to get the 1st Contact Kickstart package

Save space on your Windows device by disabling the Skydrive auto-upload function

I have noticed on my HTC 8S that when the phone stops responding and it reboots or I will give it a reboot, I will have extra copies of pictures on my phone depending on the amount of reboots the phone has had. This resulted into a lot of excessive use of extra storage space. The only program I could think of  which would do something like this would be the backup function so I disabled this.

Also someone of the team behind Windows Phone has announced to disable the Auto-upload function

You can disable this by doing the following:

  1. Open you app list
  2. Go to “Settings” -> Backup
  3. Disable the auto upload by pressing the function you would like to have disabled. (I would recommend to disable the “Photos” and “app list + settings”)
  4. Reboot your phone

Tip: If you choose to disable the auto upload regarding you “app list + settings”, I do advise to still do this manually every once in a while. If something does happen to your phone you can always retrieve a copy of your settings.



The “Minuum” keyboard for your mobile device


The Minuum keyboard is one project which focus remains at the user experience. In this case a snappy response and it doens’t  use too much screen real estate of that phone with the 5″ screen you paid top currency to get in the first place.

The project is still in development and by the looks of it an Android version will be launched at first and iOS app has to be configured from within the app itself. No word on Windows phone or Blackberry yet…

More info can be found on Indiegogo

What are your thoughts about the Minuum keyboard?

Recipe: Fingerlicking BBQ Chicken

It appears to be a 4 person dish, but you can have it for 2 if you like. I won’t judge


  • 2 dl ketchup
  • 4 table spoons of brown sugar
  • 2 tea spoons of chilli powder (add to your liking) or freshly chopped chillies!
  • 2 table spoons of ketjap manis (you can replace it with dark soy sauce, just add a bit more sugar than)
  • 2 table spoons of oil (use olive oil, it’s healthier)
  • pepper and salt to taste
  • 12 drum sticks (or wings, legs, what you prefer)



Mix the all the ingredients except for the chicken in a bowl and add the salt/pepper at the last moment. You want a strong flavor to suit the chicken.

Put the chicken in a low oven dish and pour the sauce over the chicken.

Tip: If you have thick pieces of chicken you can add some cuts to the surface of the chicken, this way the sauce can be  absorbed better by the chicken.

Cover the dish with some foil and leave it in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 hours. The longer you let it in the refrigerator, the better it will taste.

Go for a run, the chicken will taste better afterwards.

Pre-heat the oven on 175° C

Take the foil of the dish and put the chicken into the oven for about 45 minutes.
Turn the chicken from time to time and take some sauce from the bottom of the dish and pour it over the chicken again.

Tip: Depending on how you like your chicken (saucy vs crispy, you can put it lower or higher in the oven).


I can recommend to add a salad and some rice add the side


New OS X trojan injects ads into pages browsed by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; even targets Apple’s website – The Next Web

Yontoo Installer


A new trojan specifically for Macs has been discovered that installs an adware plugin. The malware attempts to monetize its attack by injecting ads into Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (the most popular browsers on Apple’s desktop platform) in the hopes that users will generate money for its creators by viewing (and maybe even clicking) them.


Read the whole article @ New OS X trojan injects ads into pages browsed by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; even targets Apple’s website – The Next Web.

London series: Part 1. Overslept…

Welcome to my London series, I am writing about my adventures about moving to London and the troubles I came pass.


30th of January, Wednesday morning 6:00am maybe 6:15am. My phone was beeping and beeping. Wait a minute, I looked at my clock “seven a clock?” that isn’t my alarm…. I overslept, I freakin’ overslept! Thank god I have calculated an hour extra in my calendar for anything that would mean trouble. And had everything packed and set to go.


My parents picked me up to bring me to the bus station (bus? Yes!) in Amsterdam and I put my suitcases in the back of their car. The reasons I chose for taking the bus to London instead of the plane or the train are quite simple:

* The bus is dirt cheap, I payed 22 euro’s for a ticket.

* I will arrive in the centre of London instead of the airports outside of London
* I can take 2 suitcases without really having a weight restriction (I guess if you can carry it, it’s just fine)
* And I wanted to try something different

In the meanwhile we arrived at the bus station on time with still time to spare. I thanked my parents we said our goodbyes and I went on the bus.


The bus trip

The bus was fairy spacious to be honest and ride was nice. One of the first things I noticed: FREE WIFI on the bus! :D, in this day in age that was awesome. Equiped with my HTC and Macbook I could do some last minute checks and e-mails which saved me from using precious battery power for tethering.

I haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Return Of The King. The journey would take around 10-11 hours so I decided to watch the two films on the trip.

The bus had several stops at the major cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and 1 stop in France before entering the tunnel. The stops were nice to stretch your legs but the seats on the bus were really nice and stretching wasn’t really needed.

Arrived at the Euro tunnel there were some baggage and passport checks. I was quite into my films so I wasn’t really happy about that, but after the checks it was straight to the tunnel.

Random mind farts which came to me in the tunnel:

* The bus fits in the train for the Euro tunnel, I mean it!

* If the train would windows and the tunnel was made of glass you would have one interesting aquarium
* You almost don’t notice when the train is moving, you only see the bus “bouncing” a little bit.

The train ride lasts about 45 minutes, but I am not sure what the exact time is because I don’t know when the train started moving. From Folkestone the ride was at night over the highway so nothing much to see outside. We would be arriving in London Victoria Coach station in a hour.

9:28pm, arrived safely in London with my suitcases and ready for some Fish and chips.

New WordPress plug-in “Send to Kindle”


I am using Instapaper with it’s premium “send to Kindle” function. But a new plug-in just showed up on the block specially for WordPress bloggers to let Kindle users automatically send your blog article to their device (Kindle app, Kindle, PC, Mac, etc)

It is easy to configure and doesn’t take a lot of your (readers) time


Click here to go to the plug-in on WordPress’s plugin database

Separating egg yolks from egg whites

If you have trouble,separating egg yolks the traditional way you can try to use the bottle method.

This method works as follows:

  • Crack the egg and put wherever you want to put it in. Be careful you do not want to break the yoke.
  • Get a plastic bottle, squeeze it a little bit and maintain that .
  • Rest the opening of the bottle on top of the yoke and carefully release the pressure of the bottle. This should suck the yoke without any egg white into the bottle.
  • Now you can get the yoke into your bowl or other container, just by squeezing the bottle again.