6 ways to clear some space on your “Windows Phone 8” device


Since December 2012 I have been using the HTC 8S and with that I took the plunge into Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone 8 will be referred to WP8). It is the younger sibling of Windows phone 7 (now on version 7.8). WP8 looks great, but still has a lot of “beta” like feel to it. The majority of the apps aren’t that well developed and some of the basic functions are kind of, flaky.

One of the quirks is the way WP8 is the way it handles it’s internal storage space. A lot of users have complained about the fact that when you are looking at your storage usage there will be category defined as “Other”. This category can eat up quite a big chunk of your internal storage space. There is some speculation that the “Other” category is some sort of caching directory in which space will be reserved for updates and temporary storage for certain installed apps.




There are several ways to clear up storage space but it isn’t a guarantee that they all will work for your configuration:


Do you have any tips on how to clear storage space on your WP8 device? Leave a comment below



Clear up your caches to free some space on your Windows Phone 8 device

By clearing up your history of Internet explorer and the caches which are used by Maps you will be able to win some of precious storage back on your Windows Phone 8 device.

How to clear your Internet Explorer history:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Tap on “more”
  3. Tap on “Settings”
  4. Tap on “Delete History” and acknowledge the the message

Microsoft: Tips for Internet Explorer on your WP8 device

How to clear your maps cache, it’s the same as for Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Maps
  2. Tap on “more”
  3. Tap on “Settings
  4. Tap on “Delete History” and acknowledge the the message