Grab pictures from Facebook with your name tagged in them – FacebookGrabber




With everyone uploading pictures during nights out and other fun occasions. It can be a hassle to find them and download them one by one. Facebook grabber can help you out by downloading all the pictures which have your name tagged in them. It’s available for Mac and Windows users.




Instructions for using FacebookGrabber

  1. Start the program and press “Login”
  2. You need to identify yourself and generate a token. Follow the instructions to generate a token and insert it into FacebookGrabber. Press “I want to download”.
  3. Check the boxes to specify a filter for the pictures which you would like to “grab” and press “Begin Download”
  4. Choose a location where you would like to save the pictures.
  5. Wait
  6. Press “Thats it!” – Done burger

Download FacebookGrabber from Googlecode