Why Windows 8(.1) is actually nice to use

I am typing this on the ride to work, on my windows 8 tablet. My notes are getting synced via Skydrive and I will always have an up to date version of all my edits. My game process is saved via my xbox profile and I can happily browse on the couch for my daily dose of cat videos and send news items to my readlater list.

With windows 8 multitasking is working with the custom view snapping, IE works like a charm in tablet mode and sending emails can’t be easier.

All apps available for the windows tablets can also be installed on the desktop and depending per app progress can be saved between the different devices.  You still have the convenience to use your “legacy” applications which you use(d) on Windows 7, Vista or even maybe XP.

The native apps are getting there, unfortunately my favorite app Evernote doesn’t work that great between the devices. However Onenote is awesome! If anyone knows a (cloud)service which can sync Evernote to Onenote please drop me a tweet @CarelStarreveld. The more famous apps are coming to the platform and I think these will be arriving shortly

Nothing is perfect

Windows 8 is pretty damn nice however it has it flaws. My main concerns are: sync music wirelessly (to other Windows Phone devices, adaptive volume control (different levels between using headphone jack and regular speakers) and easier ways to connect to Bluetooth devices.

Apart from the above Windows 8 works great, I do understand that people will complain about that it is meant for a touchscreen. And I totally agree with that. During the MS-DOS period when Windows got introduced I bet you a pound that people were complaining about that it only worked if you have a mouse….